Our 100% pure certified organic oil is naturally rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and brimming with natural nutrients and vitamins. Rosehip Oil is a truly remarkable natural product with amazing skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning properties. It has been used for generations by the Andean Indians of Chile who recognized years ago that Rosehip oil had exceptional healing skin care and hair care benefits.


12 Remarkable Benefits & Uses Of Rosehip Oil


1. Anti-damage elasticity boost - for aging or depleted skin

2. Ideal for lines/wrinkles/scars

3. Addresses uneven skin tone

4. Dry hair

5. Nourishing oil for dry skin

6. Dull hair

7. Moisturizer

8. Dandruff

9. Sunburn

10. Nourish brittle nails

11. Premature aging

12. Make your skin glow



100% PURE Organic Rosehip Oil