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How does it work?

Bowen does not use forceful manipulation. Gentle subtle moves are performed over the muscles and connective tissue, sending messages deep into the body.This may help with a relaxed, balanced way of wellbeing.

The technique may access not only the musculo-skeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs.

The body’s integrated response may assist in supporting healthy circulation and normallymphatic drainage and potentially support in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

What Wendy has to say:

"I was put onto Ashleigh through another  Bowen therapist,  I have for years suffered from many aches and pains,  from having worked on farms, and the side effects of injuries,  the major one being constant back pain, causing myself to limp and not be able to sit up and get out of bed properly or do normal day to day jobs without a back brace, after my first visit with Ashleigh the difference in my body was a remarkable,  no constant back pain, I can now get up out of bed without crawling out the side of it and walk without a limp and no more back brace, this is just one of the things  Ashleigh has helped me with. I have been to a chiropractor, a manipulator,  and only had minimal relief, so I totally recommend Ashleigh's work with the therapy, she done wonders for me and I'm so happy to start living a normal life pain free, and having regular monthly visits  I hope to keep my body pain free for much longer. Thanks again."


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