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Horses (Large Animals),

Dogs and Cats (Small Animals)

What is Bowen for Animals?

It consists of gentle rolling, sequential EMRT™ or CCMRT™ moves over specific points of along the body, usually at junctions of muscles allowing for large areas to be addressed at once. These ‘moves’ access the fascia covering the muscles, stimulate the specialised nerve cells of the Nervous System. This allows energy flows to be stimulated and rebalance – reminding the body to reprogram reset and heal itself, producing rapid and lasting relief from pain and discomfort.


When the body is in balance and functioning normally – the internal communication system (Nervous system) is continually sending messages to the brain from all parts and systems of the body. The brain analyses these messages and then sends the appropriate messages back to the area(s) involved which enables the necessary responses in the body to deal with the situation.


When the body is in trauma – it forgets how to function properly – especially when the muscles are in spasm the nerve pathways get blocked so the messages that go from the body to the brain are not able to get there. Therefore this results in restricted movement – which can affect all the body systems –Circulation, Muscular-skeletal system, Emotional/Mental stress and the nervous system. Bowen moves can help to release the spasm and allow the messages to get through again, re- programing and allowing all the body systems to function again.

What others have to say:



"Ashleigh has given Bowen treatments to all of my horses this year. They have all improved in their health and well being, in releasing tight muscles and relaxation. Ashleigh is a positive and caring person and I would thoroughly recommend her treatments."

- Andrea Erikson

"I cannot recommend Ashleigh enough from Serenity Therapy NZ, the Bowen treatment that she has given to my horse and I have been great and it is so awesome to see the results of the treatments and the positive impact it is having on us both.
I have a thoroughbred chestnut mare, I could not touch her poll or ears for 3 years and she was so reactive in her wither and just a sensitive horse altogether, after just 2-3 treatments I began to notice a big change in her behaviour and she was happy to have her ears scratched, poll touched and less reactive and an all round happy horse. For me I noticed I had a lot more energy and felt so much freer after having my Treatment and found it so enjoyable and relaxing. Ashleigh you have done an amazing job and I don't think I can thank you enough for giving me my horse back."
- Sheena

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